Site Review:

As the name of the site denotes, promotes car insurance that can be offered on a day-to-day basis. As this is a topic that is relatively unfamiliar to many consumers, let us have a brief review of the site itself.


On a positive note, the site can be viewed as rather functional; that is, it takes a "bare bones" attitude in reference to the information provided. However, the first striking aspect in terms of layout is that it is entirely too minimalistic. There is little functionality other then a reference list located on the left-hand side of the page. What is perhaps even more concerning is that the syntax seems rather strewn together in a haphazard manner (and there are embedded HTML errors in numerous locations). This will hardly give a newcomer the confidence to use such a service. Still, those who are looking for just the facts will appreciate such an approach.

The Quotation Process

The main issue with any quotation is that one will be immediately redirected to an entirely different website known simply as Thus, there is little viable proof that the two sites are intrinsically related. Although entering in the details is rather straightforward, this quotation protocol differs dramatically from others throughout the United Kingdom in the fact that it requires an email address to retrieve a figure. Obviously, new visitors will be hesitant to provide such information. While appears to be a valid site, the way it is linked to appears dubious from an outside perspective.

Registration (or a Lack Thereof)

The second website known as is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. There is NO such evidence that boasts similar qualifications. In fact, all that is to be seen is a copyright notice that claims the site itself dates back to 2011. If we combine this aspect with the fact that there is no apparent "About Us" section and no visible contact email address, there is much to question with this site (short of an entire scam).

The ultimate diagnosis is that seems rather hastily thrown together. While this would be understandable if the site were but a few months old, the fact that it claims to have been active since 2011 raises some serious questions. Several "red flags" have been raise and if the site wishes to improve inbound traffic, numerous changes should be implemented as soon as possible.

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